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Used Car Loans in Charleston, SC

Is it smarter to use your bank for used car loans in Charleston, SC, or use us?

Some people use their own banks or credit unions for used car loans in Charleston, SC, and some use us. While some think it's wiser to apply at their own lending institution, here's some insight on why Vehicles Direct might be a better option, especially for used cars.

Loans are always slightly higher for used cars because it's a greater risk for the bank to finance a used car. When you purchase a new car, the manufacturer is the lending institution, most likely, such as Kia Motors Finance USA or Volkswagen Financial Services, for instance, and they tend to keep interest rates low in order to sell more cars. Sometimes even going as low as 0% in order to move last years model and make room for the new years model that's getting ready to hit the dealerships.

With that being said, let's say, for argument's sake, that you use SunTrust Bank for your personal banking. It's time to purchase a used car and you walk into your bank and discuss the terms of used car loans with a loan officer. They're not making money off the sale of the car, so being strict with interest rates is a must. The bank will have guidelines and, based on your credit score, will give you an interest rate and terms for the used car loan. The lower your score, the higher the risk for the bank to lend you money and the interest rate will reflect that. So they give you your rate for your loan, take it or leave it.

Used Car Loans With Vehicles Direct

Used Car Loans At Vehicles Direct

From the illustration above, you can already see the benefit. These are only a fraction of the banks that we use and speak to for used car loans in Charleston, SC, on your behalf. Every bank we utilize is competing for your business for used car loans. By going to your own bank your limiting yourself to one rate. Moreover, your bank may give us a better rate due to the amount of loans that we're providing for used cars. Banks notify us when they decide to get more aggressive with their rates in order to gain more car loans or have a seasonal promotion that they're applying. The possibilities are much greater that we'll land a better interest rate for your used car and we've done all the leg-work for you. Use our loan calculator below to see what you might be able to afford or use our quick and easy loan application to get things started.

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