Get More Value For Your Trade-In

Tips to maximize your earning from a car trade-in

As humans, we are intrinsically fond of getting great deals whenever we buy something, and the same holds true for a new set of wheels as well. So, when you look to replace your current vehicle with a used or new one, you are fairly likely to be searching for an attractive trade-in price.  

A trade-in presents an excellent value opportunity for every shopper. When you go to purchase a car, your trade-in price will be subtracted from the new vehicle’s actual price, enabling you to save yourself from paying hundreds of dollars as sales tax. However, you will be exempted from sales tax if you stay in one of the following states- Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, certain Alaskan municipalities, and Delaware. Learn more about maximizing your earning on a trade-in from Vehicles Direct Cleveland in Cleveland, TN, near the Chattanooga and Decatur, TN areas.

Best tips for a lucrative trade-in

As a customer, you may be really keen to get the best deal as a trade-in. However, this may seem difficult since most dealers are hush-hush about this information. Here are some tips which could keep you in the best position during a trade-in

  1. Always start on the first day- Start before you bring the vehicle to the dealership. Ensure that you document all the repair and maintenance details in your vehicle’s service manual. These days, such information can also be made online. Regular maintenance in the form of tire rotations, brake jobs, oil changes and other parameters will always keep your car running well. If the dealership from which you buy your car is the same one for repairs and maintenance, it would be a good idea to get a trade-in at the same location. If any major repairs or changes such as new tires are made on your vehicle, ensure that you have the receipts. 
  2. Understand the dealership’s point of view- It may be a good idea to call a few dealers first and speak to them about a trade-in value. Even if the dealership claims that it does not negotiate, it doesn’t mean that it will not be open to negotiation on your trade. Young cars that have run for less than 100,000 miles qualify as “retail trades”. These cars are more likely to go to customers, while the ones with more than 100,000 miles are expected to go on auction. 
  3. Clean the car nicely, but do not overdo it- Cosmetics is a major pair of your car’s evaluation process. However, in a trade-in deal, if you happen to spend too much in detailing or in cleaning, a shiny vehicle is likely to make the dealer suspicious. So, even though it needs to appear like a vehicle taken care of, it must look like a used car at the end of the day.
  4. Stay away from wild colors- If you want your car to fetch a good value, it is vital that you stay away from gaudy colors and let it appear neutral. All black, silver, gray, and white colored vehicles fetch good values during the trade-in.

While choosing a dealership that you purchased the car from, you save yourself the hassle of having to locate a new buyer. Sometimes, searching for an ideal buyer might lead to frustration over several months, with you traveling from one end of your state to another. You wouldn’t want to endure such a scenario now, would you?


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