Why Buy From a Used Dealership

Buying any car is a major investment, whether you’re looking to get yourself a new or used vehicle. Before deciding to put your money in, you would do well to research the vehicle’s features, find out about its mileage, and also know the safety features of different models. The US market has a very large number of car models with major or minor variations among its variants, which is something you need to pay careful attention to.   

After finalizing the used car to buy, you are most likely to start looking for the best price of the same vehicle. At the outset, it might seem that a private seller will give you the best deal, but that isn’t actually true. Apart from the upfront cost, you need to consider other factors to make your investment seem like a sensible one. 

Top advantages of buying from a used car dealer

Great tax benefits- While trading in your old car for a newer vehicle, you become eligible for significant tax benefits from a used car dealer. It usually results in a few hundred dollars worth of savings. On the contrary, you cannot avail the same benefits when you finalize a deal with a private seller.  

Obtain the complete vehicle history records- In most cases, the only way you can get to know all information about the second hand vehicle is from the seller. In most cases, sellers look to promise they take excellent care of the car and do not disclose any faults, which may be regretted by you later. There are exceptions as well, but many also lie about how many times the vehicle has changed hands. On the other hand, used car dealers can submit only legal information about a car, in terms of an Autocheck or CarFax report. You can be sure of the dealers giving you only genuine information.  

Availability of financing options- Vehicle trade-in one financing option that only the dealer can offer. Apart from this, if you are planning to play through EMIs, a private seller would never agree. Think of it this way- if you were the one trying to sell this car through Yelp or Craigslist, wouldn’t you find it easier to trust someone who makes the full payment? What is the guarantee that the new buyer would pay his EMIs after one month? 

Private sellers would want cash- In most cases, you will have private car sellers asking for cash up front. In today’s world of electronic money, this becomes pretty difficult for most buyers. These sellers may not even account for the money received to prevent themselves from paying taxes. Contrary to this, a dealer would always account for payment received and offer you with a number of payment options.   

Reliable warranty protection- Dealers have warranty schemes on used cars as well these days. These warranties provide protection in case something goes wrong, unlike private car sellers where you are likely to be on your own in the event of an emergency.    

At the end of the day, it is true that the dealer does not charge the minimum price, but the actual price is certainly worth one’s peace of mind.


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