Iconic Halloween Movie Cars

When we talk about vehicles in horror movies, there are plenty of them. Let's take a look at a few: 


The 1959 Ford Thunderbird 76A: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

The film's story starts with the repulsive leader traveling from L.A. to Massachusetts, and obviously, she'd do it in style. Enter her Grim Mobile, a decked out, redone Passage Thunderbird convertible that Cassandra Peterson realized fit Elvira's character the second she saw it. The tricked-out vehicle has all of Elvira's character in plain view. Peterson loved it so much that she inevitably repurchased it from the individual who bought it in the wake of filming, put a ton of work into reestablishing it, and even put it in plain view in an exhibition hall. 


Plymouth Fury from Christine (1983): 

Everybody longs for a first-in-class muscle car like the Plymouth Fury, however, those individuals ought to hope that it isn’t the one from Christine, based on Stephen King's novel. The evil vehicle goes by the name of Christine, and it made the life of a primary, geeky high school kid more interesting than it had been. While the vehicle in the film is simply malevolent, it sure looks great. The Plymouth Fury is something that you can simply gaze at throughout the day, yet if you see that its headlights are coming directly at you, you should turn and run! 


Chevrolet Nova from Death Proof (2007): 

Quentin Tarantino offers an unnerving new meaning to the expression, "film magic." In this film, Kurt Russel utilizes the trick vehicles as instruments of death for his countless casualties. However, a Tarantino film isn't finished without a sweet ride to supplement it. It just bodes well that Passing Evidence highlights numerous vehicle models that will make any lover salivate with envy. Attempt to find them when you watch this film for Halloween. 


Chrysler Newport in Joy Ride (2001): 

With the youthful Paul Walker in the driver's seat of the old fashioned Chrysler, Joy Ride depicts an innocuous trick turned out badly. The Chrysler Newport is prominent for its appearance in the 2001 film and its hardtop body. You will see how it gives its own one of a kind style and character to this grisly film. 


Puma XK12 from Shaun of the Dead (2004): 

Zombie motion pictures usually are startling; however, Shaun of the Dead uses parody to take on the genre. In the film, the Panther XK12 earned the energy from main character Ed since it is his youth dream to drive his closest companion's father's vehicle. A word of caution before watching though: try not to get scared from the zombies! 


Oldsmobile Delta 88 from the franchises of Evil Dead:  

The Evil Dead franchise has impacted horror fans enough to turn it into a cult classic. The Oldsmobile Delta 88 shows up all through the franchise as Bruce Campbell endures assaults from insidious spirits and evil spirits. Director Sam Raimi seems to love the Delta since he uses it for many of his motion pictures after Evil Dead. Seeing this car from Evil Dead will make you feel that battling abhorrent spirits could even be cool!



This Halloween, take a ride down memory lane and watch any of the movies above for a spooktacular experience. 

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