Driving safe for the Holidays

Are you gearing up for the holiday season? You sure are! Well, you are not the only one who is excited for the holiday season to arrive. Holidays bring laughter & joy along with delicious food to hog on. While we all stand in anticipation of the festive season, various associations are putting stress on safe driving. Especially this year, everyone has waited long enough to get out of the house and be with your family and friends.

Hence, you can expect heavy traffic on the way. You would have to be extra cautious when driving since the weather is also going to be troublesome. Snow tends to create issues and requires certain measures to be taken for a smooth drive.

Here are the top 6 tips for safe driving:

Do not be over packed-We understand the holiday season brings chills with heavy snowfall and disturbingly cold winds. However, do not put on too many layers of clothes, and you might feel fatigued when driving. Stay loose and allow air to pass through so that you do not feel stuck to the car seat. Easy movement of arms and legs is crucial to driving safely after all!

Stock the essentials in advance- If you know it is going to be a long drive; you would have to make sure there is a safety kit intact along with a windshield scraper and a spare tire. You would anyway be shopping for gifts for your loved ones; you might want to simultaneously purchase the driving essentials.

Practice makes perfect! While you may have been driving regular to and from work, driving your car in winter could prove to be challenging. The ideal approach would be to practice driving in winter before you hit the road covered with snow. Weather in December is unpredictable, and therefore, you should be confident of your driving skills to overcome any hurdle experienced.

Anticipate what is going to happen by pre-planning- We certainly cannot predict what lies ahead of us in terms of events. However, we can prepare ourselves for the unseen as well as check the route in advance for possible disturbances. We recommend seeing the weather forecast to plan your drive on a clear day.

Avoid driving in the dark- The daytime is most suitable for driving among heavy traffic. You get clear visions and can easily read the signs put on the side of the road. As per the data published online, accidents occur more frequently when driving in the dark because it is difficult to see what lies ahead of the road.

Drink from the comfort of your home- It is ideal for planning your holidays so that you don't have to leave in a hurry and return home. While drinking is a common way to celebrate, it might be clever to stay back if you are under the influence of alcohol. There is an interesting campaign going on by NHTSA that is promoting sober driving; or otherwise, you ought to pay the fine.


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