Best Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when Traveling

Best Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when Traveling

Being a party lover and never hearing of St. Patrick’s Day is not possible! March 17th is celebrated as St. Patrick's Day reminiscing the contributions of the great Saint Patrick of Ireland. This day is celebrated with full enthusiasm, where individuals enjoy the day with great food, drinks, and celebrations.

Deciding the best place for celebration can be a troublesome affair. With varied places marked as an ideal destination for the St. Patrick's Day celebration, we’re listing down some of the best places for you guys.


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin this year and grab the greatest celebratory opportunities in your life. Dublin organizes one of the best and most epic St. Patrick’s Day parties with a colorful parade, free live music, lots of beer making it the perfect day.

2.New York:

St. Patrick’s Day is a great experience in New York. The parade is the oldest and longest parade in the U.S. Millions of people gather to be a witness of the March St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

3.Savannah, GA:

Georgia is another perfect destination for your St. Patrick’s Day party. People get together to enjoy the traditional Irish dance number in Cobblestone streets. Finger licking foods and drinks accompany you in Georgia.

4.Brussels, Belgium:

If you're a sports lover, you can visit Brussels to have a pleasant experience. On March 17th, the local people arrange Irish sports events and parades.


The sparkling green stream of the Chicago River is one of the best attractions of St. Patrick's Day. The inhabitants celebrate this day in Chicago with Irish dancing, bands, music, food, beers, etc.


Amsterdam is known for the classical Irish music festival. Nowhere will you find some musical experience in Amsterdam. Not only classical, but you can also enjoy pop, instrumental, and other kinds of music, marking your celebration a lot magical.


Scotland, for its Irish culture, is very famous for St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Along with the conventional festivities, live poetry reading is the central attraction for local as well as other audiences.


In Canada, you can have a memorable time with the overall green atmosphere. Canada also arranges a live gigantic saint Patrick to spice up the party.

9.San Francisco:

San Francisco is famous for traditional poetry and music, with a spectacular party. The greenery all around the celebrations will amaze you.


If you're in India, here is a surprise for you. The Gateway of India, Mumbai, is lightened up with greenery all around. Have a joyous night out at the pubs organizing unique dishes and drinks for St. Patrick's Day celebrations.


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