How to Do Your Part to Support Environmental Protection

How to Do Your Part to Support Environmental Protection

Saving or protecting the environment is not something that can be done but requires several years of pain-staking efforts. Unfortunately, it takes very little to ruin the efforts made over time. There is no age group or segment of the population that is significantly responsible.

Here are some ways to get started, for those who are not contributing already:

  1. Attending Environment Classes: A lot of information is present on the Internet, but not all its sinks in unless an individual is present among experienced persons who are similarly motivated. Classes centered on different environmental and social issues teach students about changes and development in the current world. Such classes often make students aware about how resources are being wasted and how it can be avoided.
  2. Print as Little as Necessary: Teachers always wanted us to have printed handouts for the subjects they taught earlier, but this is not a very feasible idea in today’s times. The digital space provides many alternate options, and using paper leads to further felling of trees. Instead, teachers are advised to bring either laptops or e-readers into their classes. All readings can easily be downloaded and seen from there. Yet another alternative is to print two sides of a paper.
  3. Get Reusable Bags: Plastic bags used for grocery end up on landfills and thereby pollute the environment greatly. These suffocate the animals which think of them as food, and the bags also take long to decompose. Instead, it is a better idea to carry reusable bags to shop for clothes, food, cosmetics, and other products. Certain stores even give discounts on products for using reusable bags. In case of someone forgetting the bag at home, it is always a good idea to purchase one at the store since it is not expensive. Also remember to keep a few usable cars in the car so that they are forgotten while on the way to stores.
  4. Keeping Reusable Beverage Containers: Buy a reusable bulk container for a beverage instead of buying them individually. Along with this, also remember to carry a reusable water bottle. Buying a bulk container will help save money, and the entire effort will protect the planet a wee bit more. Several restaurants also offer bulk containers, and it is a good idea to purchase one of these. Starbucks offers small discounts to those who use reusable containers for their drinks.
  5. Conserve Electricity: Instead of the regular bulbs, it is a better idea to use energy efficient LED bulbs which consume less electricity than the former. They also last longer than the regular bulbs, which also helps to save money in the long run. For a student, every little bit saved is a boon in disguise. In the case of a room, individuals must remember to switch off lights, fans, TVs, and other appliances when the leave the area. The same logic can be applied to air conditioning, which must be lowered when not necessary. Opening windows during fall or spring may be a good idea for ventilation.
  6. Carpool: Several apps are available these days to coordinate carpools. The most obvious benefit is that they help save fuel, while conserving the environment as well.


It is never too late to make efforts towards environment preservation.


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