Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, and we all are super excited to make our moms feel extra special. There is no denying that the bond between a mother and child is the most special one. Depending on what your mom loves, here are some ways on how you can make her feel special.

What is the History behind Mother’s Day?

The history behind Mother’s Day allows us to turn a few pages into the past. Did you know when Anna Jarvis officially began the festival in the states, she was mocked? There were even protests to remove the holiday from the calendar.

But thanks to some wise individuals, Mother's Day made a spectacular win. Celebration of moms has been around ages for now across the world. Mother's Day was first known as Mothering Sunday in England and Refreshment Sunday in other parts of the world. Thanks to the world of the internet nowadays, acknowledging your mother's contribution has become way easy. So let us see how we can celebrate motherhood with Mother's Day.

Tips to Celebrate Mother’s Day Differently:

Most of the time, our mothers do not get time from the daily grind of work. They are either involved in some type of daily work or other household activities. The below tips will give you a brief idea of how you can differently celebrate this upcoming Mother's Day.

  1. Volunteer by Doing Garden Services:

If you are good at mowing the garden, this can be a perfect gift for your mom. Start your day by laying down the mulch, and you can even give your mom a "Gift Certificate." This whole thing will act as an instant present to surprise her.

  1. Decorating the Porch:

If you are good at decoration, then what’s better than adorning the porch or front door with lovely flowers. Plants act as natural stimulants and are best when surprising people. Thus, on this special occasion, it will be wise to go ahead and make these small yet sweet gestures to surprise her.

  1. Set Up A Virtual Brunch Date for Mom:

Another of the brightest options for surprising your mom comes in the form of brunch. Press your effort in making all the dishes she likes and set up a brunch date with all her friends and close ones. Believe us, this small gesture will surely win her heart.


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