Unwanted Car Sounds and What They Mean

Unwanted Car Sounds and What They Mean

The need for transportation is never going to end. Why? Cause these machines to have loads of parts in them and thus need a whole deal of attention, but did you know that just like other machines, cars also let out a few warning signals? Yes, and the best way to detect them are by tapping into a few sounds.

Here in the blog below, we have unveiled the type of sounds cars make and how to eliminate them.

Types of Unwanted Sounds in a Car:

  • Spluttering, Banging, and Popping:

These types of sounds are accompanied by a loud bang from the exhaust pipe of the car. This problem usually occurs when unburnt fuel starts coming out from the engine and ignites the tailpipe.

Other than that, you may even encounter the problem when there is an exhaust leak or vacuum. The bottom line of all these problems is to take the car to a mechanic immediately. It's better to let professionals handle this rather than on your own.

  • Knocking:

On the list of severe problems for the car, Knocking stands out. It is because these types of noises are generally associated with the engine. Most of the time, people do procrastinate these problems until they become too big to handle.

So, instead of pushing it away, if you even hear the slightest of knocking sounds in the car, then rush it immediately to a mechanic. The expert can take a whole tour of the problem and nudge you in the right direction. He/she can also help you fix the thing inside the engine and get your car all set to run a few miles.

  • Clunking:

Clunking sound is usually associated and heard when you try to press the brakes. If this is what you encounter daily, it is high time to send the car for repair. While most people do not know, the clunking sound is a severe indication of calipers, brake discs, or pad damage.

Other than that, if the clunking sound comes when you are steering the wheel, then it is due to a worn-out wheel bearing. In either of the cases, do take the car to the mechanics and get it checked before the condition becomes worse.

  • Whirring Sound:

Whirring sound occurs when there is a problem with the clutch, shafts, and gears. This might lead to a severe problem if delayed. Thus, whenever you encounter a whirring noise, do take it to the mechanics and get it repaired immediately.

  • Hissing:

Fluid leak in cars causes the hissing sound. It comes from under the bonnet and can make the overall condition of the car problematic. Other than that, if a hissing sound happens while accelerating, then it can be due to a vacuum leak.


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